About us

We launched Pesh.Art with idealism and smiles in 2014 which have been maintained every single day since inception.Today Pesh. Art® is a fashion brand for handcraftedand hand-painted shoes and accessories, located in Bulgaria, Europe. Each craft is acombination of work and love consigned to products with unique features.Thus we guarantee quality and uniqueness to our customers.

Products crafted by Pesh. Art® team are 100% natural sneakers, shoes and accessories with high quality.

Products with decorations (handmade drawing) are unique. This means every single model is handcrafted and effectively differentiated for the rest of the portfolio.
Our main task is to make our customers happy and satisfied through quality, sequence, responsiveness, understanding, effort to meet your needs and desires, variety, imagination and uniqueness.

Recommendations, suggestions, ideas and opinions: +359 888 08 55 09 and contact@pesh.bg

Do not hesitate to contact us! We appreciate your opinion.

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