What features our products?

Our products are handcrafted leather goods (shoes and accessories). We guarantee the uniquness of products with decorations (hand-made drawing).

Does it fit?

Most accurately you can measure your foot as follows:
You need a piece of paper, a pen / pencil and a ruler. Place your bare foot on the paper and relax completely. Place one point or dash right in front of the longest toe and right behind your heel. No need to search for the perpendicular between pen and paper, in contrary points / lines that place should be as close to the foot. Then step off the sheet and measure between the lines by using a slight diagonal line. The measured distance is the required size.

In order to encourage maximum comfort we recommend measuring the width of the foot. It represents the full circumference of the leg at the widest part and can be measured by tape measure (or thread and ruler).

IMPORTANT: Do not add millimeters! We will do it whilemaking your shoes.

In case ofdiscrepancy and fluctuations contact our team. We will discuss every detail with you and will assist you in finding your maximum comfort.

30 days for thinking?

You have 30 days to be convinced that these are your shoes or bag, if you have not been convinedearlier. During these 30 days you decide that the product does not fit your size or vision? No problem! We will replace it with more appropriate one or simply take it back by refunding your expenses.The only requirementis the product notbe worn, washed, stained, torn, as well as, to be returned with the original packaging and labels, respectively. Now you can safely shop online.

* Custom orders cannot be returned.
* Return shipment chargesare paid by the customer.

* Please do not send parcels before informing us!

* Damaged items are not replaced.
Thank you for the understanding!

About the decoration (handmade paintings)

Our products are intended for daily use. This means you can safely use the products in the appropriate weather without worrying about decoration.

Wear and care

Like any other product, your new shoes need special care. Here you will find all of our recommendations for maintenance:
Shoes made of 100% leather withouthandmade decorations:
- Standard maintenance of leather product: the use of wax and shoe polish, protective sprays and the like are not a problem.
Shoes withhandmade decoration:
- Do not apply alcohol, alcoholic substances, sanitary wipes, paint and polish for leather!
- Do not apply sprays for protection against moisture!
- Do not dry in sun!

What does "Pesh.Art" mean?

In bulgarian language "pesh" (пеш) means "by foot", "walk" or "walk by foot", so we do art for your feet and walks. Enjoy it! :)